Terms and Conditions

High season: from December 16 to April 30 | From July 1 to August 31

Low season: from May 1 to June 30 | From September 1 to December 15


• You must show up 10 minutes before the tour.

You can cancel your reservation and obtain a 100% refund if it is requested at least two days in advance of the tour date.

• The day before the tour will have a 50% penalty.

• You are free to modify your tour dates or times 48 hours before your original reservation, subject to availability and no seasonal price changes.

• You can notify us of any undesirable situations or unexpected events that may affect your timely arrival to your tour at our official email address reservations@vistaarenal.com or reserva@vistaarenal.com , or by WhatsApp at +506 8553-6000.

• If you think you will not arrive on time, please contact us as soon as possible and tell us the situation. We will wait 15 minutes for you to join your original group, if you cannot attend, there are two scenarios:

• High season: We will offer to reschedule for the same day according to updated availability.

• Low season: We will offer to reschedule for the same day, or the next day based on updated availability.

All reservations, cancellations and modifications must be made at

• WhatsApp +506 8553 6000

• Email: reservations@vistaarenal.com or reservas@vistaarenal.com

• website www.vistaarenal.com

Unexpected events:

• Once the tour has started there will be no refund for its stoppage due to natural conditions such as:

• Winds

• thunderstorm

• earthquake

• When the client abandons the tour, being in the park due to illness or any personal reason.


To ensure the best quality of service, when booking a tour on our website:

• Once our team verifies park availability, we will confirm or reject your reservation request.

• If confirmed, a link will send to you directing the Bank to make the payment.

• The Bank’s platform will charge your credit card.

• All reservations must be paid in advance through our website; On special occasions we may send an official payment link from our official email address.

• If you need to add any additional service to your original reservation, you must follow the previous procedure.

• If you book an adventure by paying in advance (including all price components), Vista Arnal Adventure Park may cancel the Booking without notice if we are unable to collect the balance on the specified date. It is your responsibility to ensure that payment is made on time, that your bank, debit, or credit card details are correct and that you have the necessary funds to process the payment.

• In case of cancellation and complying with our cancellation policy within two days, the money will refund to the same card from which the payment originated. From then on, the time to refund the money, due to the internal policies of each bank, will be the responsibility of the banking entity.

 Transport service.

• Transportation service must be paid in advance.

• It is available at an additional cost. When booking through our website, you will be presented with the option to include transportation. Select it and remember to specify your hotel for pickup in the form you will be asked to fill out with your details.

• Transportation is provided LOCALLY, from hotels or key locations in La Fortuna.

• WE DO NOT OFFER transportation from outside La Fortuna.

• Transportation available for tours includes pickup and drop-off.

Zone 1 TransportationFortuna Down Town up to Hotel Kioro $17,00
Zone 2 TransportationHotel Tabacón hasta Iguana Lodge, The Springs per pax Minimum 2 people. $34,00


• By making a Reservation, you agree to pay the cost of the Tour Experience, including applicable taxes and fees.

• Obvious errors and typos are not binding. For example, if you book one of our tour experiences and it is mistakenly offered for $1, we can simply cancel that booking and refund the amount you have paid.

Price categories:

• Adult: Over 13 years old

• Student: From 13 to 25 years old

• Child: From 5 to 12 years old

• Children will pay for the transportation service from 3 years old.

• Costa Rica Resident: Valid identification required at check-in.

Our values


• Comply with our values.

• Comply with all applicable laws.

• Cooperate with any anti-fraud/anti-money laundering checks we need to conduct.

• Do not use our website and booking platform to cause inconvenience or make false reservations.

• Use the Tour Experience and/or the Platform for its intended purpose.

• Not cause any annoyance or damage, and not behave inappropriately towards Vista Arenal Adventure Park staff (or anyone else, for that matter).

• As the person making the Booking, you are responsible for the actions and behavior (in relation to the Tour Experience) of all members of the group. Obtained their permission before providing us with your data.

In our park:

• Pets are NOT allowed.

• No outside food or drinks are allowed in our parks, except for small snacks and bottled water. You will find a restaurant in our park. We offer diverse types of food, including typical Costa Rican food: casados, hamburgers, sandwiches, coffee, beer, etc.

• Weapons of any type or firearms are not permitted in our park.

• By law, smoking is not allowed.

Accessibility requests

• If you have any accessibility requests about our Platform and/or services, please contact our Customer Service team at reservations@vistaarenal.com or reserva@vistaarenal.com


• All our clients are covered by the company’s insurance in case of accident or any undesirable situation.

• If you have an accident and do not want us to take you to a medical facility, you will have to sign a form refusing or accepting medical care. If by chance you do not want to sign, it will be understood that you have denied the activation of the Vista Arenal Adventure Park insurance.

• You will have to sign the Tour Waiver when applied directly at the park. In the case of minors, the Waiver will have to be signed by a parent or guardian.

What happens if something goes wrong?

• If you have any questions or complaints, please contact our Customer Service team at reservations@vistaarenal.com or reserva@vistaarenal.com or WhatsApp +506 8553-6000

You can help us help you as quickly as possible by providing:

• Your booking ID, your contact details and the email address you used when booking.

• A summary of the problem, including how you want us to help you.

• Any supporting documents (e.g. bank statement, photos, receipts, etc.)

• All questions and complaints are recorded, and the most urgent ones are treated as the highest priority.

• We try to resolve disputes internally and will try to resolve your case promptly if we have all necessary and verifiable information.


• If any reservation is made through a dispute process, this reservation will lose the right to be rescheduled and will be partially refunded in the future for any reason.

• If a refund is in process and was requested before we receive a dispute notification regarding the refund for the same reservation, the refund process will be canceled, and a refund cannot be issued if the customer loses the dispute.